When I was about 7 years old, something happened that would change my outlook on the world completely. Something that planted an idea in my head that continued to grow until now.

It was just a normal Sunday, I was having breakfast with my parents and my older sister Michaela. My dad started telling stories from his twenties. Back then he was a young doctor, with no prospective of a job in Austria, because there were too many doctors. He was basically forced to leave the country to have the chance to find a job, and got offered a job in South Africa. He had to leave everything behind and ended up working 18 months in SA. He told us, how much this experience has shaped him and how important it was for him to go there. Looking back, he said, it was one of the best decisions he had ever made and the experience of being exposed to different cultures and people was crucial for his life. He then explained that he would always support us if we wanted to go abroad and get to know the world and that he can’t wait to see us explore the world.

Our jaws dropped.

Leaving home?

Mommy and daddy?

Our toys? We were shocked.

Of course our younger selves could have never imagined leaving our little town in Austria. Just the thought of leaving home was unimaginable for us at that age. Understandably.

Although we could have never believed it, now, a few years later, we both ended living abroad. My sister currently lives in Kopenhagen and I live in London. I am incredibly happy that I took the step to come here, without knowing anyone or speaking English perfectly. Our dad was right with everything he told us about living abroad. I can not express enough how grateful I am for the experiences and friends I have made here. At the same time, this experience has made me realise that there is a whole world out there and endless other places, waiting to be explored by me. Different countries, cultures and people I can meet and learn from. DPS gives me the opportunity to do exactly that. Get real experience in industry, meet new people and challenge myself. In addition DPS will help me to explore my practice more and find out what I want to do in my final year and after graduation. I have no idea yet where DPS and the next few years will take me, but I know for sure that I am beyond curious to find out.

The Diploma in Professional Studies (DPS)  is a year-long experiential learning opportunity, allowing students to undertake a variety of internships and collaborations for a whole academic year as part of a four-year degree.

More Information on: http://www.arts.ac.uk/lcc/about-lcc/school-of-design/diploma-in-professional-studies/

This year all DPS students contribute to a blog, where we share our experiences: https://medium.com/@DiplomainProfessionalStudies/this-is-a-story-about-being-brave-b0dd30cfd9fb